Wk 4 – Activity – Painting

Week 4’s activity is painting and decided to venture out to Venice Beach to experience its Art Wall. I arrived at Venice on Sunday afternoon with the sun blazing and shining on all who is inhabiting the area. As I search for the Art Wall, I pass by all sorts of little boutiques and interesting people. Being in Venice was quite an experience. The vendors there sold a variety of things, ranging from carnival snacks, smoking paraphernalia, the usual tourist shirts and Polo the designer brand. As I make my way to the wall, I felt a little anxious because I have never messed with a spray can out in public and having dozens of people spectate did not really help my feeling of anxiety.   However, after tagging the first letter of my name out onto the wall, a feeling of resurgence overcame me. I then started tagging out my name without any care and just embraced this feeling of elation. All of a sudden, I begin tagging phrases and creating a little figure on my portion of the wall. Overall, Venice beach was a great time and I will definitely go back to experiment more on its Art Wall.

Here goes nothing.
Venice Beach with my painting "AJC"
Venice Beach with my painting “AJC”

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