Wk 4 – Artist Conversation – Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria and Tidawhitney Lek

For Week 4’s artist conversation, I am discussing a joint exhibition by Daniel A. Rivera Echeverria and Tidawhitney Lek. The duo’s show is called “Disposable Thoughts” and currently resides in the Marilyn Werby Gallery.

At first glance, the work of Daniel and Tidawhitney depict one giant tent like structure in the middle of the gallery.  As I begin to walk closer to the structure, I notice doodles and sketches on the giant canvas. It turns out that the tent-like structure is made up of napkins that are strung together with fishing line.  The dynamics of the their work is set up in a way where the audience can walk around it allowing a 360 degree view, straight through and even under it.  The viewer is actually allowed almost every angle possible to see the piece. Each napkin was unique and showed dozens of illustrations and phrases.  Some napkins were torn, or pierced right through the center of it.  Over one thousand of napkins were used and sewn together by Tidawhitney’s mother.

The work depicts a plethora of a person’s thoughts all hand written on napkins.  Daniel and Tidawhitney utilize the napkin as a playful object that captures a person’s thought at single moment.  Each illustration or phrase on the napkin had no premeditative thought; it just reveals whatever Daniel or Tidawhitney was thinking at that instant.  Tidawhitney told me that the inspiration for “Disposable Thoughts” was a show that they wanted to be low budget due to the lack of funds. With that in mind, “Disposable Thoughts” came out great and is more amazing that it cost a little over one hundred dollars to create. Tidawhitney said, “one thought can reveal a lot of yourself.”  On the doodles, one of our peers asked if she thought about having random people draw on a napkin to contribute to their project as a collection of thoughts and Tidawhitney responded with “I thought about that, but it is more enticing from only two brains on the sheet.

The reason I decided to discuss the work of Daniel and Tidawhitney is because I can relate to their idea of writing down one’s thoughts on a napkin. There have been countless of times where I have fiddled with such a canvas to quickly jot down notes or drawings to keep myself entertained. I recall countless times back in middle school and high school, where I would take out a pen and napkin during church to sketch out my thoughts. Even today those characters I created sitting in the pew are still drawn today. In addition, I was impressed on the items used to create their show. They took everyday household items and reinvented them.

"Disposable Thoughts" part 1

“Disposable Thoughts” part 1

"Disposable Thoughts" part 2
“Disposable Thoughts” part 2




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