Wk 5 – Artist Conversation – Sery Kwon and Coleton Kargi Palmer

For week 5’s artist conversation, I am discussing the work of Sery Kwon and Coleton Palmer. Their show is called “Pairs A Collaboration” and is featured in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East. The duo’s work is part of a show that features a pair of painters working on one painting each. In addition, the painting couple specializes in either abstract or figurative painting.

Kwon and Palmer’s work is created on a canvas that is roughly three feet by 6 feet and displays a large array of colors. The dominant colors seen are blue, red and yellow orange. There are also accents of green, black and a very minimal amount of white. The shapes vary throughout the canvas. At a glance, faces can be seen at all angles of the canvas. The painting itself is not of a smooth surface. A side view will reveal different levels of paint all throughout the canvas giving a three dimensional effect.

Although Palmer was not present during the viewing, Kwon gave me an insight to their work. She informed me that the show is to have two different types of painting and collaborate onto one piece. The show is to demonstrate a brand new way of painting, communication with one another, and background combination. The painting in gallery is displayed in a horizontal orientation. However, the painting started in the portrait position. As the painting progressed, the duo began changing the orientation of painting to see what angle they were feeling at the time. Kwon is the abstract painter of the pair. Her style resembles “mapping” or topography. She begins with random contours on the canvas and Palmer complements their work with finding “hidden” faces in the lines. Kwon’s sense of inspiration comes from no sleep, meditation, and the energy from working at night.

I specifically chose their piece because it was the first thing that caught my eye walking into the gallery. The colors were vivid and alluring to my mind. In addition, I feel that their work reflects on my way of thinking. My brain is constantly bouncing from different thoughts and my mind seems like it is coming from every angle. If my mind can be tangible, I believe it will be comparison to their painting.

Sery Kwon and Coleton Kargi Palmer's painting.
Sery Kwon and Coleton Kargi Palmer’s painting.



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