Wk 6 – Classmate Conversation – Cherish Ignacio

I do not know if this week’s post will count, but instead of interviewing/ meeting a new classmate, I interviewed my partner from my cousin’s wedding. To clear things up, on Wednesday I flew up to Sacramento for my cousin’s wedding.  Although it was not until Saturday, there was a lot of preparations needed for the big day.  So being up able to attend Thursday’s lecture, gallery visit, and classmate meet up, I am doing my week 6 conversation with Cherish Ignacio.  Cherish was my partner for my cousin’s wedding, she was one of the brides maid, while I was one of the groomsmen.  We were partnered up by my cousin and his fiancee to partake in their ceremony.  We only met once prior to the wedding and hardly knew each other, but the day after the wedding we went out for a cup of coffee. During our little get together, we were able to get to know one another better.

Cherish Ignacio lives in Stockton, California and works as a third grade teacher in downtown Stockton.  Her college career was spent at University of the Pacific studying international affairs.  She is half Filipino and Korean and has one younger named Victor. With her passion to teach, Cherish traveled abroad to Korea to teach english.  In the future, she hopes to pick up spanish to travel to places, such as, Costa Rica to teach the english language.  I was very fortunate to accompany Cherish as her partner and meet an awesome individual.

Cherish and I at my cousin's wedding.
Cherish and I at my cousin’s wedding.



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