Wk7 – Activity – Ephemeral Art

The two-screenshot photos I took from our classmates are from Kristine Nguyen and Meghan Arce. Both photos are from the gallery that we previewed on Thursday. Kristine’s photo is a drawing of two kids that seem to be playing together on the constructed playground. The boy in her drawing is saying, “Wait for me!!” as the girl continues to climb the obstacle. Meghan’s photo illustrates a child swinging on the swing in the gallery. I happen to draw the same thing on the swing in the gallery; unfortunately I did not screenshot it. I believe this Snapchat activity is easier than the Instagram activity due to how user friendly the application is. Also, with Instagram, I feel the user has to be more cautious with what they post. With Snapchat, I can easily pull out my phone and instantly upload it for everyone to see in real time. I believe I began to utilize Snapchat more when they included the zoom in feature. My screenshots are from my time in Los Angeles and laundry Sunday.

Meghan Arce's screen shot.
Meghan Arce’s screen shot.
Kristine's screen shot.
Kristine’s screen shot.
A mushroom cloud outside of 4th street.
A mushroom cloud outside of 4th street.
Laundry sunday.
Laundry sunday.



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