Wk 10 – Artist Conversation – Emma Hankin

Week 10’s artist conversation is with Emma Hankin. Emma’s show “Texture & Twine” is in the Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery and showcases a variety of works ranging from printmaking to yarn weaving. This is her last year in the BFA program at California State University, Long Beach. She being a child of an architect and interior designer inevitably led her into her path as an artist. Emma is from Agoura Hills, which is forty-five minutes north of Los Angeles. Her interest in art began her senior year in high school when she was injured from playing sports for her school. Lastly, Emma enjoys Modern Art and Post-Impressionism.

Emma’s work consist silkscreen on tissue, yarn, monotype, and photo-plate lithograph. On the left side of the gallery are three monotype untitled pieces. Two of them were of the colors green and blue. Unfortunately, I forgot to document the third color. However, each of the monotype pieces looked like the same image, but different colors and orientation of the round objects orientated slightly changed. In the back corner is titled “Texture and Twine” and consist of yarn and silkscreen on tissue paper. Emma weaved the yarn and the tissue paper depicts an image of a leaf throughout the roll. Another silkscreen piece Emma did in 2014, consist of a variety of layers on the poster board with each layer representing a different color.

Although not much was said about the meaning of her pieces, Emma generally wanted her show to illuminate the minor details in everyday life. She wanted her focus to be on material structure and the patterns within each substance. Overall, her work shows her love of precision and microscopic detail within day-to-day objects.

My favorite piece is her untitled silkscreen from 2014. I appreciate her use of colors to depict different layers in her work. In addition, the colors used in her silkscreen, contrast well against the white poster board background.

“Untitled” 2013
“Texture and Twine.” 2015
Silkscreen on Tissue Paper, Yarn
“Untitled” 2014
Silkscreen carving used to make the “Texture and Twine” tissue.
Silkscreen carving used to make the “Texture and Twine” tissue.

NOTE: I did not get a website for the artist.


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