Wk 12 – Artist Conversation – Christopher Linquata

Week 12’s artist conversation is with Christopher Linquata. Linquanta’s show is “Sacred & Profane” and is in the Gatov-West gallery. He is finishing his degree at California State University, Long Beach, in the MFA program with representational painting and drawing. However, before going to Long Beach, Linquata attended California State University, Northridge.

Linquata’s show is composed of various paintings. The artist utilizes acrylic paint due to the advantage of drying faster than oil. His show has a mix of larger murals and smaller pieces. To complete the entire show, Linquata spent about 3 years.

His inspirations for his paintings stem from the times of the Renaissance and nature. The beach is a reoccurring surrounding in Linquata’s show. He explained that he takes inspiration from real places, but does not paint it. He rather invent a new place because it’s basically taking a photograph and placing it on the wall. Linquata wants to create a new landscape, but still wants to have a link to reality. The models in his paintings include himself, friends and family.

I chose Linquata’s show because his paintings were eye-catching. The sceneries he used were intriguing and I enjoyed that he uses himself as a model in his paintings. The painting I enjoyed most was the one with the people posing around the graffiti floors and ledges. It reminded me of Venice Beach, and the art wall I visited.

“Sacred & Profane” by Christopher Linquata
"Sacred & Profane" by Christopher Linquata
“Sacred & Profane” by Christopher Linquata
 My favorite piece in "Sacred & Profane" by Christopher Linquata.
My favorite piece in “Sacred & Profane” by Christopher Linquata.

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