Wk 13 – Artist Conversation – Tyler Turett

Week 13’s artist conversation is with Tyler Turett. Turett is a Huntington Beach native and is finishing his last year at California State University, Long Beach. He is completing his degree in Illustration with the concentration in Animation. Turett’s show “Make Your Mark” is in the Max L. Gatov Gallery East.

Turett showcased his illustration during the gallery viewing. Many of his illustrations are of animals, such as, a green dog, variations of frogs, sloths, and a devilish looking bull. His other illustrations consisted of animated inanimate objects, such as, mafia looking carrots and a circle of dancing beverages. Turett also included a storyboard he did in gray scale.

Turett uses a Cintiq drawing pad to do most of his illustrations. That digital tool has pressure sensors to simulate drawing in real life. The tool is convenient because he can do rough drawings and experiment with shapes all in one device. For the actual animation, Turett utilizes After Effects. However, Turett also likes drawing traditionally with the frame-by-frame technique. The process Turett follows is, design the character, clean the character up, storyboard, and utilizing the After Effects software.

I personally enjoyed the variations of the frogs he included in his show. Each of the frogs has their own personality, shape, and facial expression. I appreciate Turett’s drive for illustration and animation and goals to working for Pixar.

Tyler Turett showcasing his collection.
Tyler Turett’s show “Make Your Mark”
Frog variations by Tyler Turett.





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