Wk 13 – Classmate Conversation – Abby Giron

Week 13’s classmate conversation is Abby Giron from San Diego, California. Abby’s is a second year student here at California State University, Long Beach and is studying Information Systems. Information Systems is a branch of business, but incorporates technology as wells. During our conversation, she said her major is not really inspiring, but believes it will create opportunities for her in the future. I totally agree with her because most of the job opportunities are heading towards technology.   Her hobbies include playing piano, soccer, reading and hanging out with friends. She took this class to become more informed about the art world and artists. Abby’s favorite movie is the Lord of the Rings saga. Abby’s response to this week’s question of the day: “From week 1 to week 13, I think my perception of art has definitely broadened in resects to the form of art that exist. Originally, my idea of art was centralized on the basics – sculptures, ceramics, paintings, and sketching. But after visiting the galleries each week, I’ve experienced different expression of art and grown to appreciate creativity and individuality much more.”

A photo of Abby Giron.




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